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Chlorine Dioxide

A Wonderful Disinfectant

Chlorine Dioxide: Welcome

Frequently Asked Questions

ClO2 – Chlorine Dioxide

Chlorine Dioxide is a US EPA approved disinfectant, sanitizer, deodorizer and food-preservative with exceptional activity against algae, fungi and fungal spores, bacteria and viruses including the dreaded COVID-19.
It is made up of one atom of Chlorine bound to two atoms of Oxygen.
One must not confuse this molecule with the much inferior Chlorine compounds like Sodium Hypochlorite, Chlorine gas or bleach which are all Chlorinating agents, unlike Chlorine Dioxide, which is an Oxidizing agent.
Due to this, ClO2 reacts with matter and oxidizes it, thereby not producing any cancer causing Chlorinated By-products as do the chlorinating agents.
In most countries, ClO2 is considered safe to be discharged in the regular drains after use and does not require special treatment prior to release.
Our ClO2 tablets are so pure that that have been approved for use in drinking water decontamination (for humans) by NSF.

Organisms against which ClO2 has high activity

  • Viruses(Coronaviruses including COVID-19)

  • Bacteria

  • Fungi / Moulds / Yeast (and Spores)

  • Algae

Transportation and Storage

A very prominent benefit of ClO2is the safety and ease of transport and storage. Since our tablets have high-stability, the undamaged/sealed packages can be stored and transported easily by any means without special precautions apart from protection from direct exposure to heat unlike most of the other disinfectant products that are toxic liquids and need utmost care while transport and storage.

Available Sizes : 1gm (in strips of 6 tabs), 5gm (single pack), 10gm (single pack) and 20gm (single pack)

Basic Safety Instructions for working with ClO2

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Chlorine Dioxide: FAQ

No special equipment or training is required to prepare this solution apart from standard safety precautions.

Please ensure that this process is allowed to happen in a well ventilated space taking care to not inhale any fumes that may release as the tablet dissolves.


When dropped into an adequate quantity of clean water (tap water being adequate), our high-quality ClO2 tablets disintegrate within 2 to 5 minutes, to release Chlorine Dioxide into the solution, turning the water greenish yellow and without any residue.

The calculation of the desired strength of solution for our ClO2 tablets is really simple.

A 1 gm ClO2 tablet dissolved in  1 Litre of water makes a 100ppm solution.

  • ClO2 Vapour finds application in spaces that are confined or enclosed. ClO2 vapour effectively disinfects any such space and all its contents. Not only does ClO2 Vapour effectively eliminate the viruses and bacteria but also the moulds/fungi and odors from the space leaving it smelling fresh and odor -free.

  • The Vapour form is especially useful for applications where mopping and spraying cannot reach all the desired surfaces and confined spaces. ClO2 Vapour also is very useful for applications where wetting the surfaces is not desirable.

  • ClO2 Vapour completely and evenly fills the spaces, with a distribution that is unmatched.

  • Once the application is complete, just air out the space and you are ready to use your disinfected, odor-free space with full confidence.

  • Some examples of such spaces may be:

  • Operation Theatres, Wards, Clinics

  • Hotel Rooms

  • Offices

  • Vehicle Cabins

  • Gymnasiums, Locker rooms

  • Classrooms, Schools, Day-care centres

  • Religious places

  • Smell of Dead animals

  • Smell of Smoking

  • And many more such…

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Chlorine Dioxide: FAQ
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