Breathe Clean with Room Air Purifier at Home

The air we breathe today is majorly polluted. Not only the outdoors but also indoors are having sources that are deteriorating the air quality for people. But the good news is that we have a working machine like a room air purifier to kill pollutant particles from the air present inside an enclosed space. Since we spend most of our time indoors in our homes and offices, purified air must be the priority to keep yourself healthy. People living in areas prone to dust and smog highly need good air purifiers like a HEPA air purifier from Atlanta. Also, if you have pets at your home, it is better to use air purifying agents for getting rid of air pollutants coming from their skin. Air purifiers are effective to a great extent. How?

Benefits of an Air Purifier

For many who think about why to have a HEPA air purifier for their home, consider the following points:-

  • It removes pollutants, microorganisms and other harmful particles present in the air with an accuracy of more than 98%.
  • Helpful in absorbing pollen, smoke, and dust particles from the air.
  • Removes bad odour, cooking fumes, pet hair, and others from the indoor air.
  • Removes fine air pollutant particles up to 0.3 micron.

HEPA air purifiers from Atlanta incorporate seven-filter technology for removing unhealthy and dangerous particles from the air. Atlanta is a promising brand that offers HEPA air purifiers in India highlighting the best of the technology to clean the air. The smart features include a HEPA filter, activated carbon filter, ultraviolet technology, and ionizer. These all offer an advanced technical support for cleaning the air while setting a pollution-proof environment for your family.
Backed up by the latest features, room air purifiers are the best solution in a budget for having a clean and quality air at home. Go through all the details of an air purifier before making a buying decision. Invest in and trust a brand like Atlanta which offers reliable and advanced air purifier solutions and receive long-term benefits for your health. Manufacturer Details: Guangzhou Olansi Water Treatment Equipment Co. Ltd. GuangZhou, China 

With the emerging threats of infectious diseases, the HEPA Grade-13 filter is internationally  recommended to remove aerosolized infective agents from your environment.



Welcome the multi-talented Beta350 with HEPA filter, a state-of-the-art air purifier with air quality sensor and filter change indicator that helps keep indoor air free from dust (PM2.5 and PM10), gases, smoke, bad odour, allergens and air borne infectants.
The Beta350 – HEPA PURE has 7-stage air purification technology that includes Pre-filter, Anti-bacterial filter, H13 grade HEPA, Activated Carbon, Photo Catalyst, Ultra Violet and Ionizer. Beta350 is very effective in combatting air pollution in the Indian environmental conditions and in preventing ailments like asthma, allergy and air borne infections. The higher availability of fresh air helps enhance health and memory levels in children.
Besides making the indoor air fresh and pure, Beta350 generates 3.8 million negative ions per cubic meter. These ions are found near waterfalls, mountains and green areas like forests and they keep you fresh and vitalize your mind and body.
Beta350 is an ideal product for homes, hospitals, guest houses, small offices, hotel rooms and doctor’s chambers. It can be operated via both remote control and manual. Timer and sleep modes are the added benefits you get with the product.


iCluster Technology is Atlanta Healthcare’s unique air purification technology which focuses on eradicating various pollutants in the indoor air. A single filtration technology cannot eradicate all the air pollutants present in the air. In order to achieve maximum protection in indoor space, we need to rely on the usage of multiple filters. Atlanta Healthcare’s iCluster Technology provides relief and protection from pollutants in totality with synchronized multi-stage intelligent filtration.

Beta350 – HEPA PURE incorporates seven filters that eradicate pollutants from the indoor space in totality.
Stage 1: Pre-Filter
The pre-filter removes coarse particles which prolong the life of other filters and improves overall effectiveness.
Stage 2: Anti-Bacterial Filter
The anti-bacterial filter kills air borne bacteria and prevents infection.
Stage 3: HEPA Filter
The HEPA filter absorbs particulate such as spittle and cuts off transmission of virus. It also removes fine dust particles up to 0.3 micron.
Stage 4: Activated Carbon Filter
Activated carbon filters are bio-synthesized from walnut shells, the activated carbon filter catalyses and decomposes harmful gases like H2S and NHfrom air efficiency. In addition, it removes VOC and odour in the room effectively, with efficiency of > 98%.
Stage 5: Photo Catalyst Filter

Photo Catalyst neutralises allergens, mildew and infectants.
Stage 6: Ultraviolet
Built-in UV lamp effectively kills micro-organisms and sterilizes air from bacteria and virus. Efficiency of sterilization is > 97.6%
Step 7: Ionizer
Ions are known as the “Air Vitamins” as they improve air quality. This generates high density of ions to help provide forest-fresh environment.

Model: Beta-35-HEPA PURE(tm)

Brand: Atlanta Healthcare

1yr warranty excluding consumables (from manufacturer)

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Air Purifier with HEPA-13 Filter and UV Disinfection

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  • Model: Beta-35-HEPA PURE(tm)

    Brand: Atlanta Healthcare

    1yr warranty excluding consumables (from manufacturer)