• No Touch Technique!

    Seeing the need of Institutions, Clinics, Restaurants and Homes... we have developed a durable metal-bodied Automatic Sanitizer Dispenser.

    Just bring your hand under the nozzle and it detects the presence of your hand to spray a gentle mist of the sanitizer liquid.

    Tank Capacity 03 Litres. Low power consumption.

    Suitable for Liquid santizers only. Not suitable for GEL type sanitizer.

    06 months Warranty

CONVENIENT OPERATION: Our automatic sanitizer dispenser can be easily mounted onto any wall and thus keeps counter clutter free. The unit is perfect for bathrooms, kitchens and laundry room, hotels, hospital, restaurant, office, schools, clinics and malls.

AUTOMATIC SENSOR OPERATED: The touch-less and-disinfection machine is designed to dispense sanitizer on hands and provide automatic dosage hof mist, which allows quick and easy hand disinfection and eliminates cross contamination, achieving optimal hand-hygiene.

CLEAN & SAFE: Built-in smart infrared motion activated sensor, fully automatic and touch-free operation, NO-CONTACT technology prevents cross-infections

The powerful IR-sensor of the dispenser can even work in sunlight. Thus putting no restrictions on locations where it may be installed.






  • Built-in sensor for detection of hand
  • Waterproof
  • Anti-Interference
  • On/Off button,
  • Sense Indicator lamp
  • Easy refill lid/cap


No Touch...No Cross-infection.

Shipping FREE to Delhi-NCR.

(Installation to be done by customer. Template for installation included in package).

Automatic Sanitizer Dispenser

₹5,990.00 Regular Price
₹4,250.00Sale Price

    • Available Capacity (liters)                                              : 3
    • Sensing Range                                                                   : 2 cms (approx.)
    • Rated voltage                                                                     : AC 220- 240V-50 Hz
    • Dispensing Sanitizer Volume in One Use (in ml)  : 3 -5 ml (approx)
    • Type of Dispensing                                                            : Spray Mist
    • Mounting Type                                                  : Wall Mounted
    • Overall Dimensions (mm) approx              : 250  W  x 110  D  x                                                                                                    320    H

                                                             (Inch) approx               : 9.8   W  x 4.3   D  x                                                                                                            12.5   H

    Package includes: Wall mount clamp, Power Cable, Screws and Plastic for wall mounting.

  • Shipping FREE to Delhi-NCR.